• Swedish Lime Association and The Swedish Lime Industry

    The Swedish Lime Associations main task is to promote lime and limestone applications and to be active in lobbing activities concerning lime and limestone applications.

    Members of the Swedish Lime Association are Imerys Mineral AB, Movab AB, Nordkalk AB, Omya AB and Svenska Mineral AB.

    Production of Quicklime

    Nordkalk and Svenska Mineral are engaged in production of quicklime at seven sites. In Sweden shaft kilns and rotary kilns are used. During the last decade the market has been structured in the way that the captive capacities at the big steel plants SSAB have been taken over by Nordkalk and Svenska Mineral.

    Another application, that has been taken into operation during the last decade, is where Lime mud from the paper industry is reburnt in a rotary kiln.

    The sales to the pulp industry has increased the last years and also a new PCC plant has been built by Imerys Minerals to supply M Real supplied by quicklime from Nordkalk.

    In Sweden the production of quicklime is suffering of two system concerning CO2 with the aim to reduce CO2 emissions. Both the EU trading system and a CO2 tax which put the industry in a very difficult position compared with countries who do not have CO2 tax for their quicklime production.

    Quarry of Limestone

    The total production is about 2.9 million ton of that approximately 0,98 million ton were exported mainly to Finland.

    Market for Lime and limestone products

    The images below shows the market segments for Lime and limestone products and the market segments for Burnt products for 2014.

    For limestone the export sector is the biggest followed by steel industry and other industrial applications.

    For quicklime the biggest sectors are Steel and Paper & Pulp.